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Half body sketch
Asuka sketch by Tediusman
Free sketch commission - Saki's outfits by Tediusman
Simple, clean lines with some color splashed on it.
Half body Soft CG
Failed fan service attempt #1 by Tediusman
Commission - Sakura and Ume by Tediusman
This is the kind of flat coloring you'd often see in anime, spiced up with a little more attention to shades and lighting. One character.
Portrait painting
Contest entry - Winds of Heaven by Tediusman
Mistletoe fantasies - Present #1 by Tediusman
A style I just started experimenting, borrowing stylistic elements from more traditional paintings. 


Happy Birthday Makoto! (2016) by Tediusman
Happy Birthday Makoto! (2016)
This year I finally managed to draw something for my favorite fictional idol's birthday! Since I had some free time to experiment, I tried to polish my soft shading to the max, following the style of the most popular semi-realist artists. The result is surely pleasant to look at, but has the disadvantage of looking way more generic and less personal than my usual style. I kinda tried to counterbalance that with some artsy choices of colors on the hair, which is definitely the thing I like the most about this drawing.

Anyway, I had way too much fun drawing this. Sometimes, drawing a simple corny pinup can be the greatest of joys.

Reference used:… (for the body) (for the hand)

The character is Makoto Kikuchi from The Idolmaster.
THE MADHOUSE SWING is OUT now! by Tediusman
Well, it happened! After months of excessive refinement and a never-ending translation, our game is finally out for everyone to download. Please check it out if you have a couple hours to spare! You can download it on right here. It's pay-what-you-want, so you can get it for free if you feel like trying it! We'll add the italian version later this week.

Description: Akumangel - The Madhouse Swing is a noire visual novel with supernatural elements, entirely set between the walls of a prestigious mental hospital situated on the outskirts of New York City, during the 40s.
Julia Maine - a young and peculiar detective living in uptown NYC - discovers from her father's old notes that many important men and women, coming from politics or high society, have mysteriously disappeared over the years, under unknown circumstances.

All the researches seems to point in the direction of St Jeremy House, an ancient manor converted into an asylum, but beside these poor informations, everything seems to fade into a mist of confused mysticism.
During a period of forced unemployment caused by the critic loss of interesting cases, Julia decides to get hospitalized in the madhouse in order to investigate and resolve the case, firmly convinced that the most of the "mad" patients have actually been kidnapped by some secret organization. She'll find out that the forces in play are much less human that she'd expected...

I'm so tired now! I'll just post the reference used and see myself out. Thanks for reading and for your support!
Reference used:… (SFW image, NSFW site)
*The girl depicted is Julia Maine, my OC and main character of the VN*
Lovel - Commission prize by Tediusman
Lovel - Commission prize
Sketch commission for hirkey, who won 3rd place on my Akumangel contest! It's the two main characters of his comic, Lovel, which tells the story of a girl and her guardian angel. Check it out!…

Drawing coupes has always been a challenge for me because when you put two characters close together, it's very easy to spot incongruences in the proportions. I hope I managed to fix most of this issues, because these two are just adorable together. I had fun drawn her expression.

Here are the reference used:… (for the hand)

I'm taking a break after this one. See you after Akumangel has been officially released.
Morning ritual - Commission prize by Tediusman
Morning ritual - Commission prize
Commission for CeryliaRectris, who won the second prize on my Akumangel Contest! It's her wonderful, beautiful character Rosalie from her project Labyrinth of Rose. Check her profile out!
This one was kinda interesting because of the preparation behind it. Since I had the chance to draw nobility, I did a couple of master studies of Dante Gabriel Rossetti (who I always really loved), and then I tried my best to mesh the atmosphere with NaBaBa's proportions and painting texture. Of course, I don't have the technical ability to absorb their styles perfectly, but I loved to experiment with their really different styles while adding my personal touch here and there. The result, well... maybe should have been refined a little more, especially the hands and the clothes, but for now I like the rough portrait vibe it gives.

Here are the references I used:… (for the pose)
Lyeinan - Commission prize by Tediusman
Lyeinan - Commission prize
Commission for Crimsonea, who won the first prize in the Akumangel Contest! The other prizes are coming along, sorry for the long delay.
In this picture you can see her OC, Lyeinan, who is a delinquent with a heart of gold and two fabulous earrings. I actually considered the idea of drawing him under the rain petting a kitten, but in the end I decided to put the focus on a little less cliched origami. I don't know exactly how, but origami manage to convey a sense of peace but also of mysterious eeriness. 
For the colors, since I'm not entirely comfortable with dark tones, I drew inspiration from the godly Yuumei, and then I tried to emphasize the painterly style I recently started to use to make the textures more interesting. The result is definitely more messy than what I had in mind, but I thought that could fit the character better than an over-polished painting. 
Anyway, see you soon with the second prize!

Reference used:… (for the clothes, which I hope I guessed right ;_;)… (for the hand pose)
The character pose is based on a 3d model from Clip Studio Paint.


Artist | Student | Varied
I draw stuff to relieve my stress. Or to relive it.

You can see my daily sketches on Twitter!

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